Privacy Policy

Users data

User’s Data is all Content uploaded, downloaded, posted, emailed, analyzed or otherwise transmitted by a User to or through the Digital Platform. You are solely responsible for all Content that you upload, download, post, email, analyze or otherwise transmit to or through the Website and/or the Digital Platform.

Only in case of an explicit request by you, we will grant ourselves access to this data in order to facilitate a quick and efficient solution to a problem.

We will not process User’s Data.

We function in this regard merely as a facilitator for the processing of your input data and are consequently to be considered solely as processor (cfr. Belgian and European privacy regulation (“verwerker”)). You are and remain the controller of these processed data and its Content.

You are considered to grant the necessary confidentiality to User’s Data and to also make sure that third parties who you grant access to your user account or share Content with also comply.

We cannot be held responsible for (the loss or incorrect use of) User’s Data by you or any other third party.

We will only grant access to the User’s Data to third parties when this is required by law or in response to service of legal process, such as a court order, summons, subpoena, or the like, or when you have explicitly granted access or gave permission to grand access to third parties yourself. Each cost or damages the granting of such access may cause others is at your expense.


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