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An efficient workflow thanks to PhiRater. How does it work?

Easy ranking of best suppliers

In just a few clicks our transport control tower scans your transport supplier database. PhiRater will rank the possibilities depending on rate, service provisions or the most eco-friendly approach. So you don’t have to waste hours on guesswork, trying to manually make accurate comparisons.

Meeting challenges of the future: total transport flow solution

Data sharing is absolutely the key to managing the transport challenges of the future. It’s the necessary step to take if you want to offer a flexible and speedy service to your clients or partners. The PhiRater Transport Control Tower is integrated within the digital data platform Xynaps, a cloud solution from Pionira. All actors in the transport work flow share data online, which simplifies administrative work significantly and speeds up the process.

From the moment your transport order is set, a totally automated settlement takes place: E-CMR documents are generated, communication to customs takes place and all relevant transport documents are managed and made accessible to every actor in the chain. And you? You have more time to focus on what really matters: customer service.

Automated procurement to pay workflow

PhiRater manages the whole procurement to payment process from ordering services to automatic invoice control, which makes the constant sifting through incoming invoices completely archaic and totally unnecessary!

Empower your workforce

All relevant staff members can easily access PhiRater. Release yourself and your team from unnecessary workplace restrictions and focus on more valuable, tactical team communication and more effective decision making.

Greater efficiency for your transport management?

Watch our video to learn how PhiRater can help you save time and money on your transport needs.

Discover other benefits from using PhiRater

Major cost reductions

PhiRater compares all of your suppliers and gives you the best and most economical options for every transportation requirement. PhiRater users are able to reduce their total transportation costs from 8% to even as much as 25%.

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Reliable insights

PhiRater gives you a total overview of your total transportation management. comprehensive analysis gives you the option to further optimise your logistic transport processes and cost management.

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