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Phirater, your transport intelligence tool!

Make transportation costs totally transparent

Transport costs are getting more and more complex. Price arrangements for sea and air transport easily consists of sometimes more than 10 ‘additional’ costs on top of your direct transport cost.

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Road transport is also subject to volatile fuel surcharges, road charges, security charges, … and all these additional costs can either be determined on actual weight or chargeable weight … or m3, pallets, loading meters, etc …

The PhiRater transport control tower does not only manage and administrate all these drivers for cost and service comparisons and automatic invoice control, but PhiRater also generates, amongst others, transparent reports for sales and business development, displaying the real costs-to-serve your market taking into account the type of client and the type of product.

Use intelligence to optimise continuously

Creating better business value is only possible if you have the tools to analyze your processes, KPI and expenses. In many companies the aspect of external transportation and logistics is a complex and non-transparent tangle with a huge potential for improvement. So, at PhiRater, we believe it’s time to change this.             

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The ‘rater’ function of our transport control tower, always presents you the best transportation solution, depending on your chosen principles. Functional reports with additional mandatory or optional comments, based on whether or not you overrule the PhiRater outcome, make it possible to facilitate to further optimise business processes in order to save you time and money. 

Never miss new opportunities

The PhiRater transport control tower relieves you from the chore of managing complex price arrangements and helps you automate the operational workflow.

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Combined with the functional reports you can capitalise on all the valuable time you win back and use it to look for further tactical and strategic optimisations.

In this fast evolving transport market, a lot of opportunities can be discovered from niche players offering you valuable opportunities worth exploring. Also, bundling, co-loading, multi-modality opportunities are no longer just lip service.

PhiRater simulations and benchmarks makes it easier to compare and validate your tactical and strategic options.

Whatever ERP system you use, PhiRater will come out on top every time. Our intelligence makes sure all relevant people in your staff have access to fact-based analytic reports.

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Discover other benefits from using PhiRater

Reducing transportation costs by 8% up to 25%?

Our transport control tower compares all of your transportation options and presents you the best economical solution for every type of transportation. PhiRater users easily reduce their transportation costs by 8 to even 25%.

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Saving time and money with an automated workflow?

PhiRater has a great impact on the efficiency of your workflow.  In just a few steps you can decide which transport option is best for any given transport situation. Orders are then communicated to your suppliers and self-billing management or automated invoice control is no longer a just a fantasy.

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